Control-iT front

USB and RS422 universal controller

Control-iT is a compact (126x80x45mm) controller with 8+1 illuminated broadcast buttons and a rotary controller. It has a USB interface, and is also powered via this connector. The function of the controller is determined by the firmware, which can be changed by the user. An RS422 version is also available.

Control -iT top


MSRP: € 395,-

EAN: 7111865160624


MSRP: € 395,-

EAN: 7111863992326

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There are several ways to customize this unit to your needs:
- By selecting a protocol - the number of supported protocols is growing
- By changing the key inlays - use the legends that are included or make your own
- By selecting an interface: USB MIDI, USB keyboard, USB Serial

Supported protocols:

So far, the following protocols have been implemented:

- vMix software videomixer (USB MIDI)
- Blackmagic ATEM switchers (RS422 GVG100 protocol) *
- Blackmagic Videohub (RS422 Leitch protocol)
- Blackmagic Hyperdeck (RS422 Sony p2 protocol)
- Pelco controller (RS485)
- USB keyboard

* Control-iT uses the RS422 port to control ATEM switchers, so the old ATEM Television Studio is not supported.