Mix-iT for vMix

easy and intuitive control

Mix-iT top
Controlling a multi input live stream or recording can be a complex task. It is easy to make mistakes, which are openly visible. A touchscreen, keyboard or mouse are not the easy-to-use intuitive controls you need for this job.

Mix-iT is a compact control panel, with dedicated buttons to take control of vMix. The unit has 31 illuminated broadcast buttons, a fader and 4 rotary controls to assist your operation. The panel is highly customizable to fit your needs. The switches can light up red, green or yellow to provide visual feedback of the current switcher status. Mix-iT is connected directly to the vMix PC, or may live in a network. The unit can powered via a PoE switch or via the supplied AC adapter. You can do your own updates at anytime, so it is future proof.

Adapt or die

vMix can be set up in numerous different ways, so how can Mix-iT match this?

- You can choose the traditional videoswitcher layout: program and preview bus, and keyer buttons. Both the keyer-buttons and rotaries can also be set as vMix shortcuts: to select an input or start a script.

- When you need more buttons for triggers, then set the lower row for program(/preview) switching, and use all other buttons for shortcuts. The four rotaries can be used e.g. to scroll through sequences of pictures, titles or videos.

Mix-iT front

Mix-iT was developed for Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers, and is now also available for vMix.


MSRP: € 1695,-

EAN: 7111868097279

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