Remote controlled slider with parallax for PTZ cameras

On a slider, the camera is mounted on a carriage which glides along a carbon track for smooth movement.
The camera slider can be used for a variety of shots, including establishing shots, tracking shots, and panning shots.
Camera sliders are a helpful tool for creating dynamic and visually engaging shots.

Traditionally, sliders have a local controller that has to be configured after setting up the system.
ArtiVisuals has developed an interface which enables controlling the slider over a network using the Visca over IP protocol - ideal in a studio setup.
You can use any Visca IP controller, but when you choose PTZ-link it allows controlling the slider with a dual footswitch, while at the same time adjusting the PTZ camera with the joystick.



Visca remote controlled slider with mechanical parallax for PTZ cameras

- Visca camera protocol
- use any Visca controller or
- PTZ-lift controller with footswitches
- 230V ac adapter 7.5V
- travel 100cm
- width 120cm
- network rj45
- payload: 6kg
- cost effective solution

package contents:
- carbon camera slider 120cm
- camera quick release plate
- Visca interface
- ac adapter 7.5V dc

MSRP € 950,-

As above, with controller and footswitches:
- PTZ-link controller
- dual footswitch

MSRP € 1950,-

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