Visca camera control and tally via Blackmagic design return SDI


This BMSDI.Visca converter extracts PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) information that is embedded in the return SDI signal of a Blackmagic design ATEM videoswitcher, and outputs it as Visca RS422, 9600 baud.

The PTZ commands are inserted with the joystick of an ATEM advanced panel or an external PTZ controller like PTZ-link. Also the ATEM software control can be used. The supported commands are: Lens zoom, lens focus, lens iris, pan, tilt, memory set, memory recall and memory clear.

Up to 7 Sony cameras can be connected to the RS422 connector block in daisy chain, or 15 in parallel for other brands.

The interface has a built-in tally LED and a 3.5mm connector for tally output. The tally is dimmable and the tally number is selected with a rotary switch.

The converter is based on Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino shield.



Visca camera control and tally via return SDI
case size: 126x105x33mm
power 12v, 0.5A

MSRP: € 400,-

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