Serial PTZ interface - analog remote

for MP101 and (Panasonic) camera with analog remote

camera interface camera interface

This interface is mounted on the MP101 pan/tilthead, to turn your camcorder into a remote controlled camera. An RS422/RS485 signal (Pelco-D 2400 baud or Visca 9600 baud) over twisted pair is used for remote camera control, it can reach up to about 1 km.
You can set the address of the unit, and combine up to 16 cameras. Camera control via Panasonic analog remote: a 2.5mm mini-jack for zoom, and a 3.5mm mini-jack for focus and iris.


Interface and MP101 pan/tilt head.

MSRP: € 450,-


Interface only.

MSRP: € 250,-

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