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Versatile control of your Blackmagic ATEM mixers.

Switch-iT is a versatile controller for all Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers, housed in a 19 inch 1U rackmount unit, with a depth of only 95mm. It features 16 illuminated broadcast switches, combined with 8 control inputs and 16 outputs.

Inputs are via opto-coupler and can be either contact closure or a signal of 3-12V. Outputs are open drain and can directly drive a LED, for e.g. Tally.

All switches, control inputs and outputs can be used to select any input and output or macro of your ATEM switcher. The configuration is done via the built-in web-server.

The outputs drive the sum of inputs on selected buses, so that e.g. tally can not only signal the program bus, but also an aux bus if needed.

Switch-iT can be used in a network with other controllers (e.g. Mix-iT, Blackmagic Broadcast Panel, ATEM software on PC or Mac). A computer is not required.

Macros are a powerfull tool that enable complex sequences to be started with the touch of a button. Macros can be recorded with the ATEM software on Mac or PC, and are stored in the ATEM switcher. They can then be recalled with a keypress or input trigger on Switch-iT.

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MSRP: € 1195,-

EAN: 7111869101487

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Example uses:

- in an AV-installation, to control an ATEM switcher
- as a tally controller, for non-BMD camera's
- as GPIO controller, to connect to 3rd party equipment
- as AUX bus controller, for e.g. shading operator, PTZ operator or screens

Switch-iT features:

- controls all Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers via Ethernet
- 19 inch 1u unit, only 95mm deep
- control inputs and outputs can be used for linking to 3rd party systems
- link control inputs, outputs and switches to any input and output or macro of the ATEM switcher
- future proof through user updatable firmware
- direct playback of ATEM macros
- flexible solution for the installation market
- future software updates for extra functionality
- powered with AC adapter
- switch caps can contain user defined legends
- CE and FCC pending


Switch-iT manual Switch-iT manual