Studio communication system

This desktop talkback/IFB unit enables the director to talk to the talent, wearing an earphone. An auxilliary input is available, that allows program audio or mix-minus audio to be send by default.
This audio is interrupted and switched to microphone input by pressing the button on the unit.
You need earphones when using phone-in or skype, in order to prevent echos.
When you need more earphones, an distribution amplifier like Behringer HA400 can be used.

Talkback back


headphone amplifier


incl. 1 x earphone,
3 spare eartips,
5m cable jack-mini jack contra

MSRP: € 495,-

EAN: 7111868647108

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Optional accessoires:

- Earphone, 3 spare eartips, incl. 5m cable jack-mini jack contra (to earphone)

- Behringer HA400 headphone amplifier, incl. 10m cable jack-jack (to HA400)